Masters of the Universe Revolution

Background Art Supervisor

The work that I developed together with the Background Art team served as a cornerstone to the production. As a Supervisor, I collaborated with the Art Directors in order to push our pipeline in a narrative focused approach, as well as communicating their vision to my team. During pre-production, the writting team was still trying to figure out the story, and the Art Directors gave me the opportunity to create multiple sketches that helped define the main story beats of this season. We capitalized on the style of the previous season, which I documented in a Style Guide breaking down our approach shape language, color and lighting, painting quality and design themes. As a manager, I continuously strived for the creative freedom of the team, which helped them feel ownership over their work, and pushed them towards higher quality, more innovative design work and finished background art. 

We produced various thumbnail sketches, line drawings, call outs, concept boards, black and white layouts, vehicle designs, color scripts and finished background art.

Prop Design:

Poster Illustration: